Difference among cross-cut, strip-cut and micro-cut paper shredders and level of their security

When you are buying a paper shredder, you are concerned to know about its cut-type because it determines the security level a paper shredder provides. The basic aim of a paper shredder is to cut papers into tiny particles that can be easily disposed of and reduce the risk of data theft. In the market there is a huge variety of paper shredder machines that come with advance technology, feasible features and various security levels. A paper shredder has a feed opener that accepts papers, in some cases paperclips and staples as well, and push papers towards steel rollers where the blades cut papers into tiny particles that are then pushed towards a bin or a waste bag. In terms of their cut-type, paper shredders are featured to shred paper into cross-cut, strip-cut and micro-cut particles.  If you want to know about each cut –type, read below. All of these shredders are manufactured by the top brands such as Fellows, HSM, Swingle, Formax, Kobra etc. Union Office Mall trades all shredders of different cut-types and security levels for personal, office or commercial use.

Strip Cut

Strip-cut paper shredder has been a commonly used and a very simple paper shredder. Now cross cut and micro-cut paper shredders have replaced the popularity of a strip-cut paper shredder. The cutting blades in a strip cut shredder chop paper into strip cut of sizes varying from 1/2", 1/4" and 1/8” this shredder provides security up to level 2. Though they don’t cut papers into very small shreds like cross cut and micro cut shredder, they have higher cutting capacity because less surface area is being cut. If you want speed shredding then strip paper shredder can provide high productive value, of course with some security deficiency.

Strip Cut Level P-2


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 Cross Cut

As clear from the name, crosscut paper shredder have configured blades that cut papers into cross patterns. Strip-cut shredders cut papers into vertical strips of paper while cross-cut paper shredder chops into horizontal cuts in sizes ranging from 3/16” X 3”, 3/32” X 5/8”, 1/32” X 1/2". Therefore, this paper shredder is upgraded to provide more security than a strip-cut paper shredder therefore it is preferred by offices now a days. People also chose a cross cut paper shredder for personal use due to enhanced security from Level 3 up to 6.

  strip cut paper shredderscross cut level p-4cross cut level p-5


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Micro Cut

Micro-cut paper shredder means Level 4 to 6 security paper shredders. It is basically a cross cut paper shredder but with addition to provide micro cutting patterns. This is usually utilized by businesses that deal with highly confidential data such as military and other security institutions as the particles of paper are nearly impossible to retrieve. This shredder is recommended for both personal and office use, if you are more concerned to securely caste away your personal information. With the rise in security risks in today’s world, people are more likely to choose micro-cut paper shredders.

micro cut level P-6 micro cut level P-7


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